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This BLOG invites you to come in and share your thoughts about epidemic that is domestic violence.

Often, we look at those who have made social missteps and think of them as just being lazy, unambtious bad seed.  We never think to consider what their nurturing could have been, what inept parents they were saddled with, what debilitating environments they were raised in.

Sacred Secrets: Shedding the Shackles  of my Shame  is a biography of a woman who was brave enough to tell us how nurturing of abuse and all of the ills that go that, prepared her to be a social failure to herself, her children and society.

Join the conversation and share your opinions and what role abuse plays in social dependency, inour society.

All are welcome.                                                                                                                            

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Help us to keep the spotlight on this silent shame that is now the cancer that destroys so many of our communities.

NEW NOVEL: Sacred Secrets: Shedding the Shackles of my Shame




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Peppered with beatings, incest, drugs, and murder, this story of abuse sends us careening through the rages and indiscretions of a father, and provokes our own rage at a mother whose efforts were more to cover up her husband’s physical abuse, than they were to protect her children.

Our sympathy pours out, too, when we see how these children of abuse became adults ravaged by a helpless vulnerability to drugs, crime, and any combination of social ills.

This book is not casual reading. Be prepared to feel revulsion, anger, shock, fear, pity, and abject disgust, as this sad saga of one woman’s tale of abuse unfolds.

SACRED SECRETS: Shedding the Shackles of my Shame is the true life story of Louisianan, Connie Gilbert, who no longer wants to pretend that her abused childhood and her subsequent social missteps were all a part of normal living.

She is tired of hiding who she was and where she came from.

She is ready to shed the shackles of her shame. 

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Issa Goes to Libya – Question is Really??

Benghazi was tragic and there is no other way to say that.

But to assert that it was a result of an inefficient, weak disrespected Obama Administration is unadulterated political hogwash. If the  records are correct, our resident Congressional Blamer, Darryl Issa, has been serving since 2001 under the Bush / Rumsfeld warlocking administration (though some may prefer regime) during which history has shown, there was the highest number of embassy attacks, to date.

Indeed, we should never have to number our murdered service personnel to declare which political administration is most feared, most ready to use deadly force, because the whole idea of having embassies in other countries id to establish diplomatic relations that would subordinate, if not negate the need for us to be warriors, chomping at the bit to shed the blood of our perceived enemies. Of course, we know that there are some minds that are fuelled by the prospect of bloodshed and terrorism, as was evidenced by the 1982 barracks attack in Beirut that killed 241 of our country’s finest and this covert, cowardly, method of massacre will remain the weapon of choice for those minds because our those battles are fought first by our congress which is more concerned with winning the political skirmish than it is with winning the battle with the real enemy. That is the only reason I could see that elected officials would pretend that they do not have the means to surgically remove the cancer that is the enemy in these foreign territories.

Of course, we have to factor in to this equation of battle strategy, our extremists in the public opinion arena, who would say, for example, employing robots, versus our uniformed troops, has a tendency to create collateral damage. This, I agree with, but only to the extent of our forces not ‘zeroing’ in more efficiently on the target. If we have an inefficient method of using robots, then part of our defense spending must be used to improve the accuracy of all of its parts – mechanism, information gathering, knowledge of terrain, real time weather gathering, etc. To me, this is the way wars should be fought, if we ever have to go to war.

Having said that, let’s get back to Issa and his trip to Behghazi to check out the ’security of the embassy’ that was destroyed killing our Ambassador Stevens, during Secretary Clinton’s tenure and let’s determine if this trip that Issa has taken several times since this tragedy, is going to serve any practical purpose, other than that of casting a pall on Hillary Clinton, ahead of her perceived run for office of President.

What I don’t understand is what travelling to Benghazi, on my tax dollar, is going to produce, other than recycling the tragedy in association with Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration for purpose of right wing political feeding frenzy. It’s a politically strategic way to smear Hillary before she announces her campaign for office but it only underscores how scared and insensitive the right wing is, if they have to recycle Benghazi to attempt to undo the accomplishments of the this strong Democratic contender.

And, if what I’ve said in the preceding paragraphs about this Congressman makes you feel umbrageous, then look at what the premise of his fact finding mission is:
“The president sent a letter to the President of Libya where he didn’t call it a terrorist attack even when at the time the President of Libya was calling it pre-planned Sept. 11 terrorist attack,” Issa told Fox News’ Megyn Kelly. “The words that are being used carefully — like you just said, ‘act of terror’ — an ‘act of terror’ is different than a ‘terrorist attack.’ The truth is, this was a terrorist attack, this had Al Qaeda at it.”

I’ve made my point of how non productive and quite frankly, ludicrous the Issa visit to Libya is in 2013, if it is really to investigate why Ambassador Stevens was murdered while serving as a diplomat to a foreign country. If Issa really wants to use his portfolio as chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, he would do something a little more “mavericky” (Palin Patented) and redirect his urge to do battle, stop warriors and repair system breaches by visiting our local war zones – our primary one being Chicago –  then working with legislators to immediately impose revised gun control laws, increase funding for neighborhood improvement programs, become a sponsor of bills to create jobs and opportunities in these depressed areas, revise the social context of low income areas….. I could go on.

Like the majority of legislators under his political umbrella, Darryl Issa is in government to preserve his party and its continuously morphing ideology of exclusion, repression, suppression and creating general confusion. That would explain why, after we have moved past the tragedy of Benghazi, after we have already heard Secretary Clinton’s bruising testimony in front of Congress on why Benghazi was called ‘an act of terror’ and ‘not a terrorist act’, my tax dollars are still being appropriated to fund the fact finding missions conjured up in the mind of an Issa.




Raising Minimum Wage A Must

“The White House says 15 million workers would benefit directly from a higher minimum wage, but many economists say that millions more would gain too after taking into account the ripple effect as the whole wage scale moves up.”

Now what could be wrong with that?

I am no economist but I do understand the 101’s of the science. If we raise the floor wage other wage scales would have to rise as well. But doesn’t that mean we have allowed inflation to rape our dollar? 

From my point of view, we have. History does show that the value of the dollar drops with time and, thus, buys less but what type of inflation pushes college tuition to hundreds of thousands in a four year span and makes a college text book cost two hundred and twenty five dollars?

Of course printing money will not be the answer, because the inflation will now be in favor of the goods and services and not the availability of money. Then we’ll have more money than we have goods and services so that scarcity will cause the price of that text book to rise even more astronomically.

The President’s proposal to raise minimum wage at the Federal level is in keeping with the social responsibility he has promised. With higher minimum wage, then the health care pool of services will be more available for employees – though I am still hoping that he gives us the universal healthcare he had campaigned upon in 2007. If employers would be able to buy health care services for their employees, then we wouldn’t have to pay for the Medicaid coverage, many minimum wage employees, like those from Walmart, are forced to resort to.

The opponents to a wage hike feel that the increased cost of hiring would reduce the number of people hired. That could be easily off set if there is  an increase in the number of jobs available.

So the wage increase should ride with the infrastructure repair plan that the President is still to get approved through Congress.

Marco Polo?

Did Marco really come to the rescue? Hardly.

But let’s not just say that. Let’s break it down a little.

First let’s compare him to the 2009 secret weapon Bobby Jindal. Marco’s entrance was far more confident and looked far less comedic. Apparently, he opted for the wardrobe assistant that  Bobby declined, when he did the now infamous GOP rebuttal in 2009.

That being said let’s go to Marco’s substance. The first thing he was prepped to say was that Obama created more debt than Bush. Really? Even common sense would make that impossible. If Rubio had taken his politics seriously, and was not just responding because his party sees him as the bridge to the promise land of Hispanic votes, he would have been able to calculate that the cost of two wars, one of which is still being fought, was a financial burden on our limping economy. Common sense would have told him that by Obama ending the Iraq war and winding downour occupation of Afghanistan, he is actually correcting the downward trajectory of our flailing economy and is redirecting its path to a course due north.

Of course, if he were capable, Marco would have looked at the salvaging of our car industry and the plans to give tax holidays to companies bringing all the call centers and manufacturing jobs back from Asia. And these are just a few of things that should have caused Marco to rethink his young political career and not face the nation sounding like an echo to the failed Romney/Ryan and the warlocks, Graham and McCain.

But then who am I kidding? This is the GOP and the basis of their politics is to talk about how wealthy and powerful America is, even as some thirty percent of  its citizens live at or below poverty level, without basic services like health care and affordable education across the board.

Marco was blindfolded and sent into the pool of the electorate, trying to sell the very talking points that made Romney, Ryan and his party lose so miserably in November 2012. No wonder the poor guy was drinking so much Poland Springs – foreign water – to keep his throat dry enough to sell talking points that are proven failures.

And Marco failed because no one responded with the Polo, poorMarco was anticipating.

Ready For The First Female Pope?

Over the years, the Catholic Church has had its issues- being exposed as a social miscreant with the covering up of sexual abuse, impregnation of congregants by supposedly celibate priests, land disputes over real estate that it allegedly strong-armed from the rightful owners.

More recently, and closer to home, we’ve seen the Catholic Church come out in very vociferous opposition to our Affordable Care Act because it favors the availability of birth control to women who request it; even filing suit against the Obama Administration to prevent the mandatory availability of birth control by so called, ‘faith –based’ employers.

The church has even injected itself into the argument-not discussion- of gun control and has taken a soft position on banning assault weapons and ammunition through its call for ‘responsible restrictions’; even in the face of the daily carnage Americans suffer at the hands of those who have unregulated access to guns.

 Considering all of the above, one gets the distinct impression that the Catholic Church, picks its social battles and errs on the side of the battle that is most likely to fought by the sex that is not so fair – which brings us to the ordination of women in the Catholic Church and their promotion from the choir to the higher ranks in the church body.

So, now that Pope Benedict XVI is reigning on February 28th 2013,do you think the Roman Catholic body, will attempt to correct its male-centric ideology by even nominating a female as its Pope?

Indeed, they pay infinite homage to Holy Mother Mary , but is it because she bore Jesus Christ? Is there a subtle implication that upon child-bearing grounds only, could a woman be deemed holy?

The Catholic Church has granted Sainthood to many women of the centuries but this promotion, elevation is done posthumously; confirming that they only recognize women as leaders after they are dead.

Benedict resigns on February 28th, 2013 and I dare the Catholic Church to prove my analysis wrong by nominating a female Pope.

If they name a female pope I pledge to fly to Vatican City and apologize for citing their misogyny, in person.

Somehow, I am confident that I am a winner in this one.

Postal Service? It’s The Union Stupid!

Source Wikipedia:

Article 1 Section8 Clause 7 of the US Constitution known as the Postal Clause or the Postal Power, empowers Congress to establish Postal Service and Post Roads. The clause was added to the Constitution, primarily to facilitate interstate communication as well as to create a source of revenue for the early USA.

Having read the above, where is the outrage form or Congressional legislators on the recent proposal to discontinue Saturday mail? I seem to recall, our dear speaker proposing to READ the Constitution in its entirety, before making decisions that affected that document.

Of course, he never meant decisions that would extend the longevity of unions and their employees so the Postal workers, who are effectively assisted by a very large union, will be hung out to dry, in favor of small things like bailing out Wall Street bankers and ensuring that their bonuses were paid.

Oh, I know that President Obama was complicit in the Bonus for Bogus exchange but that was WHEN MITCH AND JOHN needed to stand up to the socialist policies of the President. That was one time, when Socialism should not have worked. That was when re-distribution of wealth really occurred- the wealth of we, the poor, being transferred to the thieving fat cats of Wall Street.

Now the Constitutionally protected Postal Service is on the chopping block and our Constitutionally oriented legislators are not showing outrage. Why not, you ask? Simple. There are no shares sold in the US Postal Service, so there are no dividends to be had.

So why represent, we, the people, when they do not have a dog in the fight? Many of us are already seeing drastic cuts in postal hours. Where I live, my Post Office opens FOR ONE WHOLE HOUR on Saturdays. By allowing the cessation of Saturday postal delivery, our Right wing legislators are gnawing away at what they perceive to be the real problem – The Postal Workers Union. If they can pull this off, then every other union goes on the chopping block because they would have succeeded in manipulation the Constitution they invoke to use as a weapon against life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness of the Americans they feel are not entitled to enjoy that phrase in our Declaration of Independence.

This will be a test to determine the survival of the democratic elements in our society, as it will be to preserve the tenets of the Constitution. The President needs to add this to his agenda of pressing issues to address and resolve. Every Democratic legislator needs to be up in arms to protect our Postal Service and the door should not be closed to Republicans who understand that extreme Conservative stupidity undermines the efficacy of the very Constitution they vow to protect.

And we, the people, have to continue to make our voices heard, because this country and its laws, legislators and Constitution are there to serve and protect us.

And right now, I must say, these are perilous times in the Republic.

Drone Strikes Are Acts Of Defense

Maybe the intelligentsia of our nation is over thinking the Constitution and its parameters. If not, then what is the uproar over drone strikes and why is there the fear, of American controlled drones hovering over Any Address USA, to kill suspects of terrorism here in America?

Isn’t that speculation-over reach? Isn’t this analogy intended to create fear and as a not so distant extension, create fear and distrust in our President?

Look. I am not one for war. But I am definitely one for proactive defense.

And the thought that some Obama detractors, feel that a person who resides on foreign soil, and has been diligently dedicated to destroying Americans here, and in our embassies abroad, deserves a trial by his peers before being deemed a threat to Americans is balderdash in its purest form.

When drones are employed, it is because the threat has been determined to be imminent. We have elected our officials to work to protect us and our borders. Drone strikes have been doing this very effectively.

And if anyone feels that there needs to be a more humanitarian approach to deflect and derail an imminent threat against America or Americans abroad, they have missed the concept of proactive defense.

And for those who feel that one day they’ll look up and see a drone hovering over their home, then they must be doing something that is drone-worthy.

McCain Continues His Race To The Bottom.

Well, I ve been saying it all along.

McCain  is a very bitter man whose politics have placed him, consitently,on the wrong side of success.

No doubt, he feels that as a POW of  5 years, cofined to a Vietnam cell, he is more qualified to be Secretary of Defense and, I dare say,  Commander in Chief.

Ironically, though, those thoughts may be the veryreasons that he has proven himself to be a volatile politician and an inconsistent decision maker, none of which a Maverick make.

With all of his accolades, he was trounced by W Bush,and when he finally got the chance to , albeit by default, to run for the office of President, he mucked it up by making the  unfathomable decision of picking  Sarah Palin as the person who would have the authority to push the proverbial button in defense of America!! This , man actually thought that he would have “stolen” the women’s vote but parading and empty politcal suit, spewing, colloqialisms, winking and doing the dumb politicians versionof the ‘shuckin’ and jivin’ that she seems to know so much about.  I still say that his  decision to show his Maverickiness (a Palinism) was a result of some shrapnel rubbing on the decision center of his brain.

He  is a an overly ambitious politician who refusues to accept that he is decades behind present day politics and social sentiment on world issues. He was wrong on Iraq, wrong on the surge, wrong on Libya, wrong on Egypt, and remains wrong on Syria and Iran.

Oh, did I mention that he is grotesquely wrong on Israel and Palestine??

So why not be a venomous friend, and skewer the man who stood by you during your failed campaigns and try to make him look incompetent and unworthy of being our Secretary of Defense, a job that none thinks you’re capable of handling, not even the Cheney whose water he carried and the Bush whose boots he cleaned?

After all, if Romney or any of his ilk make it in 2016 , he may still stand a chance of being recognized for the Secretary of State or Defense jobs; especially since his party is the party of old white men preoccupied with all things war – war on Iran, war, on Syria, war on women, war on the poor… to name a diverse smattering of their passions.

These are the thoughts of a man whose years are waning and whose politcal flame continues it’s rapid flckering, losing its steadiness to a rush of new political wind, to a breath of political fresh air, that scorches the nostrils of warlocks like McCain.

So he will sip from the bitter cup of political loss , and will continue to do so until the bile of hatred for all things modern and progressive, consumes him, more than likely at his desk, becasue he ain’t goin’ nowhere, at least not willingly.

That being said, I was disappointed with the lack of strength Hagel showed atthe hearing.  As a man of war, he should have come to do battle.  Being fully prepared gives the soldier an opportunity ti determine the level of his attack. He could decisde to use live rounds or simply, tear gas his enemy. But Hagel came with a stick to face cannons . I understand that he may have been blindsided by his friends, the ones he has breakfast, lunch, and dinner with  every day. But the principle of defense is preparation. And Hagel was woefully, ill -prepared.

Disappointingly, he did a little Romney dance, walking back his criticism of the jewish lobby and of the Senators and Congress people whose first obligation is to Israel and not to us, the American people. He, also, tried to ballet dance around an opinion on McCain’s claim to fame, THE SURGE, which killed too many soldiers and wounded too many too many  more.

But he was being a politician o fthe day, one who has to please Israel and it’s lobby, rather than we, the American people.
That, I will have to live with until, by sheer numbers and inevitable change in demographics, we the other people, the ones who are not old white men, worshipping at the altar, or should I say shrine , of Israel, vote some legislators into the Senate and Congress who are more concerned about protecting us, Americans of all faiths,  and not a country that dedicates the economic aid provided by our hard earned tax dollars, to routineley disenfranchsing Palestinians.

If there is a silver lining in Hagel’s very uncomfortable inquisition, it is that he was blindsided by the people he has three meals with daily, and ot becasue he is ill- equiped to lead our Department of Defense.

More comforting yet, is he is not going to declare war on Iran, war on Syria, war on The Muslim Brother hood and any other faction that would tickle his hawkis, ideological fancy.

So,I look forward to  his confirmation and another very stellar pick from a President who has all of America, all races, creeds and colors, in his sights, when he nominates these fine Americans to such offices of prominence.


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