With Gadhafi Dead, Obama Foreign Policy Proven Effective

Though his credentials for Commander in Chief never stood up to the scrutiny of his detractors, the results of America’s war on terror, which goes as far back as Ronald Regan, have seen unsurpassed success under the leadership of President Obama.

Indeed, Saddam Hussein was captured under the watch of George W. Bush, but his status as a real threat against America, became a murky spin of smoking guns and mushroom clouds that turned out to be baseless, manufactured and was suggested as the revenge of an irate W against “the guy who tried to kill my dad” http://articles.cnn.com/2002-09-27/politics/bush.war.talk_1_homeland-security-senators-from-both-parties-republican-phil-gramm?_s=PM:ALLPOLITICS

That Saddam was the height of the war on terror was a shameful reality and cast a very hypocritical pall on America’s alleged cooperation with the United Nation’s mandate on responding to  international aggression.

Then President Obama took office and introduced a reality to America’s commitment to fighting terror that was decidedly absent since the catchy name,War On Terror, was established.

Osama Bin Laden, America’s arch enemy, was sought and killed in a raid that can only be described as the superiority of the American war machine at work.

Shortly after that, Awlaki and his assistant Samir, were killed. Before them, Abu Hafs al-Shahri, Atiyah ‘Abd al-Rahman, Ilyas Kashmiri, Ammar al-Wa’ili, Abu Ali al-Harithi, and Ali Saleh Farhan, Harun Fazul, terrorists who were self proclaimed enemies of the US, were all taken out by one military mission or other under the Obama Administration’s commitment to the war on terror.

These were the terrorists that were not Heads of State

 Under the Obama Administration, the terrorist of the Ivory Coast, Laurent Gbagao was toppled, as were Ben Ali of Tunisia, Mubarak of Egypt and now Khadaffi of Libya, whose capture and murder seem to crown the Obama Administration’s achievement on its mission to wage war on terror.

Some may say that Obama did not have a hand in the toppling of these heads of State but neither did Regan who continues to receive posthumous credit for the removal of the Berlin wall after he had delivered an impassioned speech to Gorbachev. President Obama had made several such addresses  to these toppled leaders in the days immediately leading up to their dismissal from their respective offices.

Obama’s detractors continue to discount   the successes of his Administration on killing those who would kill us and the removal of tyrants who contradicted what we establish as human rights. This degree of skepticism may never have existed under a Republican President but it is hard to deny that President Obama’s tenure is amassing stellar accomplishments.

 The coming weeks will see the US State Department quietly encouraging the rebuilding of Libya. That’s Obama’s signature foreign policy; discreetness;  like discreetly approving  sorties and drone strikes to facilitate the removal of tyrants. This quiet engagement of the enemy undoubtedly reduces the perception of America as a constant bully, always imposing its military might on lesser nations. 

This new kind of foreign policy comes with all sorts of benefits, some of which is keeping our troops out of undue harm and saving the tax payer the burden of financing battle and rebuilding a foreign country.

President Obama has scored another foreighn policy success, though there are those who will still claim that he is leading from behind.

Some Rapists Are More Equal Than Some

In America, there is an annex to the law that demands that sex offenders join a registry of reprobates that alerts his/her neighbors of their deviant proclivity.

This registry is available for public access. From time to time anyone living in any area could access the National Sex Offender Registry and plug in their zip code to ascertain their dwelling proximity to these deviants. Usually, concerned parents, agencies that conduct activities for at risk age groups and adults who are watchful, access this registry to be preemptive.

The issue of setting bail is always, subjective apparently and seems to fall on the side of the rapist with the most means. This is not to say that I advocate for rapists of any economic stature at all. I am just highlighting how the ability to get pre trail privilege to freedom, even if temporarily and even if it is the most heinous of crimes, seems to work for the person with comparative wealth.

I guess I am also looking at the act itself and upon the gender upon which it was committed. Indeed the act of rape on any gender is despicable but the frequency with which women are the victims of these pariahs is historically and statistically higher than men.

 There are some who may want to posit that the statistics are based upon incidents either exposed or reported and that there are incidents of male rapes which escape this reporting mechanism.

I would concede that all acts of rape are intrinsically reprehensible but would still be partial to how women are treated by men of all stations of life, be it the affluent financiers or the lowly village maggot, whose orientation teaches him that male/female contact could be a pleasing blood sport.

So when Dominic Strauss Khan’s libido finally caught up with him, I was duly disgusted. The details were particularly offensive and the picture of him dragging the female down the hall to a bathroom for yet another forcible attack, read like a troglodyte bagging his wench by the hair and toting her back to his lair.

 And his smirk in his perp shot was particularly telling. It was a very smug, subtle expression of ‘who cares, I’m sure she liked it’. Perhaps, that is why he is now declaring that he threw a few dollars at the wench to pay for her paltry services. I am sure that his official recounting of the events would include that she knew that dragging her from room to room and doing things that were consistent with the forcible entry that she suffered, were part of the blood sport of that day.

Now the financier is holed up at 71 Broadway in Manhattan, an affluent apartment that houses several owners of half pound pooches and thorough bred horses. He has employed a security contingent for the small fee of $200,000 monthly. I am glad we do not know where the victim is or who her family members are. She should not be on any registry.

But Dominic Straus Khan should be; irrespective of whether he is awaiting trial, he should be. For, he has been released back into the wild, where he hunts; where he finds his hapless victims; those who serve him, never suspecting that his streak of deviance is ignited by the raw smell of woman.

Strangely, though, this is not the concern of the affluent occupants of 71 Broadway, with their clad half pound pooches and their stored fur coats. They are not bothered at all that there is an unregistered sex offender in their midst. They will not cross check his presence via the sex offender’s registry. This guy is a multimillionaire. He has pedigree and as such is welcome to dwell amongst them.

But, tragedy of all tragedies, these people’s lives have been interrupted. There is a barrage of reporters outside of the building and news trucks that have hijacked their block, disturbing their sauna baths and tanning sessions, causing undue anxiety to their felines as they dine on their Fancy Feast from crystal ware.

 This is the real tragedy for the dowagers and owners of immeasurable wealth who occupy 71 Broadway, Manhattan New York, not the rapacious Dominic.

I do not know if part of Dominic’s release package stipulates no hired help but I hope that his current pigeon hole is a studio apartment, with no additional rooms for him to fantasize on hauling off the help to his troglodyte  cave.

Hillary Removed To Keep Male Hasidim Chaste

History, inclusive of women is offensive to Hasadic Jews. That is the statement coming out of Der Tzitung, though in less candid terms and in more subtle reference to their libido.

The now historic picture of Secretary of State  Hillary Clinton and Counter Terrorism Director Audrey Tomason, has been altered by this Hasidic news publication, just in case these pictures of women at work may have been too sexually suggestive to Hasidic males.

To the normal human, watching Hillary Clinton cover her face in obvious anxiety is hardly sexy. And Audrey Tomason could barely be seen. 

But male Hasidim are apparently easily distracted by anything that appears feminine. So, even a woman whose head is peering from around the broad shoulders of her male counter parts and another, whose face is partially masked by her entire palm, could stir the loins of the male Hasidim. And these men, luckily, are the sect of the faith that follows the religion most stoically.

A few years ago, America was up in arms against the Taliban, whose favorite sport had become disfiguring women by throwing acid in their faces, or flogging them in public squares. Our frame of reference was the US Constitution and its Equal Rights Amendment and our basic moral compass which prevents us from arbitrarily discounting women.

Der Tzitung may be Haisidc with a high strung all male cast but they operate in a country that shows more respect for its history and its women, than they may be accustomed to. The discrimination that removing the images of the Secretary of State and the Counter Terrorism Director shows, is repulsive and should be renounced by the community of daily published news media.

Moreover, I question the moral turpitude of men whose loins could be stirred by viewing women in an atomosphere of normalcy. Is the NYPD Vice Squad taking note, here?

Additionally and as a matter of law, Der Tzitung should be cited for violating the White House publishing disclaimer that says:

“This official White House photograph is being made available only for publication by news organizations and/or for personal use printing by the subject(s) of the photograph. The photograph may not be manipulated in any way and may not be used in commercial or political materials, advertisements, emails, products, promotions that in any way suggests approval or endorsement of the President, the First Family, or the White House.”

My sense is that my chances of seeing that citation are as good as seeing Pat Robertson, John Hagee and Rabbi Yachiel Epstein come out in repudiation of this manipulation that negates the presence of women in moment that will forever be in our history, on account of some religious tenet.

And the travesty that is the billion dollar fund raiser, Christians for Jews, will continue to be a slush fund to help Israel oppress the Palestinians and preserve this retrograde dogma of the Hasidim.

All Africans are Equal; But Some Are More Equal Than Some

There is something poetic about the rule of Libyan despot Khadaffi, if one were a bleeding romantic and had a thing for dark, poetic foreshadowing. The colonel, who has never been promoted past that rank, by himself, swept into power in 1969 amidst a blaze of guns and civil strife. He was after the seat of the country’s King Idris. The King who was favorably sanctioned by Britain had established diplomatic ties with the both the USA and Britain, as a matter of politicalexpediency, though it seemed too many Arabs like embracing the religious enemy. King Idris had no sons and had decreed in advance the ascension to the throne of his nephew, Hassan, who often acted as regent as the King’s health failed.

All the while, ambitions for leadership were overleaping themselves in a young army officer Muamar Khadaffi. He seized his opportunity when King Idris left for medical attention in Turkey. In the King’s absence, Khadaffi master minded a coup and deposed the monarchy. Thenhe chose the title Colonel or brother leader, in Arabic.

It is important to note that during the reign of King Idris and even during the regime of Colonel Khadaffi, Libya prospered from the riches its oil fileds yielded.

Now let’s leave North Africa and visit the western quadrant of the continent, Côte d’lvoire  known as the Ivory Coast. Here the political history could be the same, less the deposing of a monarch. The country was a colony of France from around 1893 to 1960. Its chief western alliance was with France and its very prosperous economy was driven by its agricultural production of coffee and cocoa, areas in the export market  it dominated during the 60’s and 70’s.

In Côte d’lvoire, there is another oppressor whose modus operandi is almost a carbon copy of Khadaffi’s. This  despot is Laurent Gbago who was installed as President, rather than elected, after a series of convoluted electoral processes. Since then he has remained in power against the will of the larger part of his electorate.

In December 2010 Gbago lost national elections and in answer, he escalated his pillage and plunder to remain at the helm. He refused to step down to the newly elected President Lassane  Ouatarra  and vowed,  instead, to remain in power, irrespective of the civil war his unwanted leadership has caused.

Currently there are some 9000 UN peace keepers in Ivory Coast with another 2000 waiting to be deployed. More than 500,000 people have fled their homes because of the civil unrest and hundreds die daily. The UN peace keepers and foreign embassy personnel have had their cars burned by Gbago supporters and many embassies have redeployed their personnel to their home lands.

 The United Nations has since imposed economic and diplomatic sanctions on the country and Human Rights  Watch blames Gbabgo for engineering murder, mayhem and political rapes to keep his nation under subjection. On March 3rd2011, Gbago’s goons fired upon thousands of women  demonstrating against his government, killing seven.

Now, for the big questions.

Where is the world’s outrage on this? Where is US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton? Where is this G8? Where is UN resolution 1973, you know, protection of nationals froma despot who uses his military might to retain control ?

Better yet, where Is France’s President Sarcozy, given the country’s colonial ties to France and the fact that Gbago has already killed some French peace keeping Forces? Are political rapes not atrocious enough? Is the systematic suppression of a nation not enough?

Or is it that cocoa and coffee are not as preferred as is the special crude Libya yields?  

In 1994 we had the same questions when some 800,000 were massacred in Rwanda from around April 1994 through July 1994. This was about 20% of that nation’s population in about 100 days.  Rwanda was a relatively poor country that thrived on subsistence farming.

In 2004 we had the same questions when an estimate of 300, 000 deaths,  some 2.7 million displaced people and hundreds of thousands of child soldiers were at the core of the civil war and ethnic cleansing in Darfur, Sudan.  And through that, the US was more concerned with the grip China had latched onto Sudanese oil, than it was with ist obligation to defend against genocide.

According to international law as upheld by the Genocide Convention established in 1948, genocide consists of acts that are perpetrated with “intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.”

The UN Security Council is now bombing Libya. The charge is genocide under UN Security Council charter. The spoils here is access to special Libyan crude.

Gbago is shelling his people with heavy artillery and the catastrophe has now displaced some 500, 000 Ivorians.

Amidst all this there is talk of protecting Libyan oil fields for the Libyan people.

 Somehow, protecting the coffee and cocoa plants of the agrarian Ivory Coast seems not to be equally as important as protecting that special crude oil.

Saudi Arabia’s Fizzled Day Of Rage Holds Many Lessons For Middle East

The neo – revolutionaries have to get back to the drawing board. The House of Saud has made sure of that. Like every tyrant that seeks to maintain a strangle hold on his victim, they anticipated intelligently and mobilized their security forces to thwart the latest weapon of civil warfare – Face book and Twitter.

So they preempted the broadcast day of rage by demonstrating their capability to combat rage. They assembled their clerics and media and Foreign Minister and Interior Ministry to vigorously assert that protests were unlawful and punishable by measures that may extend beyond ordinary imprisonment. They showcased their arsenal of weaponry ahead of the anticipated protest. They gave a dry run of things to come. They fired their bullets and used their percussion grenades.

Then they won. The planned day of rage degenerated to a fizzle and the House of Saud retired to their opulence and perhaps to send a few postcards to their threatened neighbors, on how to contain the plebs and keep the tyranny alive.

Though this may be a crippling setback, it should be considered as key point on the revolution’s learning curve.  Renowned Egyptian feminist, author, doctor and psychiatrist Nawal El Sadaawi said ‘if you are creative, you must be dissident’. The Saudi Arabia fizzle has proven that these two variables can be transposed and have the same import. For it was a clear lack of creativity that gave the Saud administration the ability to anticipate and seize the momentum before the Day of Rage even commenced.

By now, every Middle Eastern despot knows how to pull the plug on Face Book and Twitter.  They know how to throw their wealth around to hire members of the populace who do not mind staining their hands with the blood of their fellow citizens, in exchange for the wealth they never had. 

And, when they are psychotic, they are prepared to even take to the skies to kill the nation that they want to control; though, by paradox, they may be reducing the numbers that give them the sense of power that feeds their psychosis.

It is all very complex and should be seen as such. The phase of copy- cat revolution has been arrested. This should give organizers pause to analyze the uniqueness of their societies. In conservative Saudi Arabia, though women are oppressed as a matter of protocol, there high unemployment in the oil rich Kingdom and religious minorities face certain discrimination, the population is enamored with its royalty and is more in favor of a move from kingdom to constitutional monarchy in measured increments.

So, the Tunisia’s and Egypt’s are very peculiar social situations and would only have success if there is unanimity of need and unison of purpose.

But Saudi Arabia’s day of rage fizzle should not be seen as a deterrent. No attempt at revolution is ever a failed one. When the threat of rebelling masses bother kings and despots to even talk amelioration and institute reforms that would not have come about if the masses had not done a radical thing, then the attempt counts as revolution.

And the taste of revolution will feed the dissatisfied and improve their creative elements as dissidents.

Wiki Leaks vs. Utilitarianism

It is almost crass to assign any kind of importance to Julian Assange of Wiki Leaks fame, though the way he continues to force himself upon us can hardly be ignored. Allegedly in pursuit of truth and transparency of government, Assange’s mission appears to be largely self serving.

To him, it is his civic duty to introduce the ruminations and machinations of people’s government and the governments with which they interact. Collective omniscience seems to be his goal. It is his contention that an informed population is one that is equipped to deal with the hard realities of being governed. For Assange, a journalist’s duty is not to work in tandem with ‘the establishment’. Rather, it should be exposing its every flaw at every opportunity even if its exposé is based upon purloined information.

Ironically, Assange and his Wiki Leaks have entered the American political environment at a time when it is polarized for reasons that are not historic. The President is black and was not well received by many because of this fact. Plain and simple. So for the Obama dissenters, Assange’s breach of security is abominable up until it embarrasses President Obama and then Assange is accorded the accolades of cult hero.

I am not sure that cunning, calculating and conniving should not be ascribed to Assange’s character traits, especially since they seem to capture what he is about more vividly than, bright, educated and dedicated. It is inconceivable that a brilliant mind would not see the risk and dangers of purloining highly sensitive information that could potentially cause wars and make that information public, under the naive stance that it is the right of all to know; unless there is a pathological abnormality that he is working with.

The first we heard of Assange  was in July when he leaked sensitive information about a current war. This time his irresponsibility tops that. I am waiting for the US Congress to enact legislation that will, in essence, redefine treason by removing any reference that suggests treason occurs only when one ‘assanges’ one’s own country and a couple of others in the process. The gerund here is a first but will undoubtedly become as common as hoovering has to Britons who vacuum their floors.

I am not entirely sure that this marauding Leak warrior is entirely irrelevant, though. He has hinted that he will expose the entrails of Wall Street and the reasons behind its financial collapse. That seems to be more in the genre of investigative journalism than the deliberate revelation of ultra sensitive, highly classified intelligence information that has the propensity to cause the shedding of rivers of blood.

Somewhere in this pile of journalistic rubble, may lay some redemptive value. Assange has brought attention to several weak links in US Administration. He is an inherent predator. His acquaintance with PFC Bradley is hardly serendipitous.

Assange  knew where the leak in the dike was. He is shrewd, ambitious and unscrupulous; quite possibly the DNA of a megalomaniac. He has preyed upon the porous practice that is the Pentagon’s selection process – a process that has hardly changed since Larry Franklin was discovered as a mole in the Pentagon in 2004, spying for Israel; since Jonathan Pollard was discovered as a mole spying for Israel, in 1990.

Then he struck gold. He found the comparatively high tech version of Franklin and Pollard – an inconspicuous PFC Bradley, armed with a jump drive and a fake passion for Lady Gaga, dancing, distracting, deleting and downloading, as his co workers enjoyed his offbeat antics, as the security cameras recorded an employee who may either have had too much coffee or may have picked up a desk assignment after sustaining a head injury in Iraq.

 Or so they thought.

Assange  has taken advantage of the voyeuristic thirst of the media clientele and has force-fed his patented, unscrupulous brand of reporting into its parched throats. There is really no sophisticated, psychologically tested alternative to this deduction but the term charlatan does come to mind.

I believe in the theory of utilitarianism and the moral worth of an action being measured by its usefulness.

On September 1,  2010, James Lee, a man known to the authorities as being a deranged environmental militant was killed by a sniper’s bullet, as he attempted to hold a building hostage with a flare gun.

Purportedly, men trained to stabilize, erase, take out those threats to our security and quiet enjoyment, were summoned to remove the threat that was deranged, virtually unarmed, James Lee.

He was taken out, allegedly, for the greater good.

Then I hear the false humility of Assange, as he claims that he is the last platform for media justice and media transparency and envisage, how, single- handedly, he could murder thousands of men and women, both on American soil and abroad.

And I wonder where are the equivalents to the protectors of the peace and quiet enjoyment of DC, who neutralized the threat that was James Lee, when all he did was lobby for the rights of Ishmael, his favorite gorilla, and perhaps, fail to take his psychotropic drug the day he felt he could take the Discovery building hostage.

This may be good time to implement the theory of utilitarianism, preservers of our security, whoever you are.

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