Mississippi Still Burning- Teens Beat Man To Death

And after decades of post civil rights niceties and very selected language on the issue of race in America, the problem remains one that has the potential to revisit the shameful, murderous   practices of a past that thrived on the subversion of one race, to promote the superiority of another.

The current school of thought is that younger Americans, those born after the Civil Rights era, have been raised in an atmosphere of tolerance; more acceptance of the multi ethnic composition of America; more sensitization to cultural differences and racial features; all this supposedly in a post racial America.

On June 26 of this year, this 2011, an African American man named James Craig Anderson was standing by his car in a parking lot in Jackson Mississippi when two car loads of Caucasian teens approached him.

Mr. Anderson, had no idea that shortly before they arrived, 18 year old Daryl Demon Jr., driver of one of the vehicles in that caravan, had said to his riding mate,  John Aaron Rice,“let’s go f…k with some n.. g.rs’, prompting them to begin their hunt for human beings by driving into predominantly African American neighborhoods, looking for prey.  He had no idea that it was still hunting season for African American men, in this 2011. He had no idea that while standing in a public place – a parking lot no less- bracing against his own car, that his death knell had been sounded by an 18 year old named Daryl Dedmon, who knew how to incite by combining racial epithets with pugilistic intentions. After all, it was 2011 and Americans were supposed to be sensitive to race, cognizant of America’s multi ethnic composition and tolerant of the presence of their fellow citizens.

The security cameras in the parking lot have memorialized on film, the human carnage that ensued. Two vehicles with White American teens drive up to a single Black American and proceed to pummel him to death. Then, for good measure, Daryl Dedmon, the ring leader of the hunt, jumps into his SUV and runs over the battered Mr. Anderson, as he lies in the parking lot, gasping for life.

Detectives claim emotional numbness as they watched the scene unfold on camera. One detective claimed he became   sick when the deposition revealed that Dedmon drove away boasting “I ran that n..g.r over”.

In 2008, then Candidate Obama made a very eloquent speech entitled ‘A more Perfect Union’.  In his speech, he stated that it would take more than the parchment of the Constitution to provide men and women of all creeds and colors,  their full rights as citizens of this nation. He opined that it would take successive generations of Americans practicing the tenets of the constitution to ensure that all citizens were afforded equality.

In 2009, Attorney General Eric Holder called us a nation of cowards for not talking more openly about race and for finding it more convenient to cower behind the provisos of the Constitution and Civil Rights Agreement, citing them as enough to address a state of affairs that is rapidly regressing to a pre-Civil Rights state.

It is now 2011 and America, the world’s civil rights police, the moral monitor of every nation, has a pervasive problem. It is called racism and it continues to be perceived as part of our social mores by those who remain challenged by social propriety.

Every time there is a casualty like James Craig Anderson, in this supposed post –racial America, it is testimony to how much conversation on racism, each of us as Americans, still has not had.

At  The Local Christian Town Hall we are committed to this conversation and every other form of discourse that will chip away at systemic discrimination against certain societal demographics and we will continue to report on atrocities of this nature, when they receive very light or no coverage in other media sources.


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