Bomb Iran ?

When all of the clever innuendo and militant fervor of these GOP presidential debates fade away, we still have a job to do. With Afghans killing our troops in the wake of the inadvertent destruction of Qurans, we have to look beyond the mushroom cloud politics of   the Republican Right Wing and determine whether the leader of the free world should be a warlock or a person who is sensitive to the religions and cultures of the remainder of the world. We have to be sure,too, that our leader is cognizant and respectful of policies of bodies like the UN and G8 which help to contain errant leaders by threats of military invasion after consensus

GOP presidential hopefuls (Paul excluded) have been inciting their base. Ahmadinejad, the unpredictable, has given them ample opportunity to use their Nazi metaphors and liken him to Hitler and Mussolini whose ambitions were to conquer the world. Santorum has actually invoked caliphate, Kruschev and Soviet Union and has been joined by Romney in making very ominous insinuations that Iran’s mission for nuclear apocalypse is just a button away.

And all this is being done to stir up, amongst the electorate, some hyper anxiety for America’s “only ally in the region, Israel”.

I dare speculate that if this “ally” were an occupied country and had suffered the loss of Torahs by means that could be considered desecrating, their reaction would not have been one of absolution. After all, this is the “ally” that stormed a peaceful Gaza aid flotilla in 2010 and killed innocent volunteers for transporting food and medicine to people these “allies” call their enemies.

But, enough intelligent speculation.

Despite our economic demise and our loss of thousands of military personnel since the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, Santorum and Romney have made a jack-booted pledge to take our flailing country to war to show the world, that America is supreme, while Gingrich is calling for more covert action in that part of the world; all at the expense of American lives and dollars.

And while they were demonstrating their poor judgment and suspect leadership, President Obama was issuing an apology to the people of Afghanistan on behalf of the US military and deflecting GOP calls for US invasion of Syria.

The challenge these days for any president of America is to match his patriotism with his country’s coffers and have enough insight and strategic intelligence to avoid the rhetoric of pre-emption aggressive intervention.

We are not asking for our leaders to be hawks. Neither are we asking for them to raise doves nor retreat to a stance of pious inaction.

All we are asking is for them to remember that the current deficit exists largely because of a better -wrong –early- than- right- late Right Wing  Bush/Cheney notion and that the men and women that they so readily send to war are hardly ever any of their relatives.

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