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After the Lawrence O’Donnell three- pronged dissection of Joe Oliver- the “like an uncle like a best friend” spokes person for George Zimmerman – we can safely conclude that he is a hired hand, employed to attempt to refute the abundant evidence that Zimmerman’s murder of Trayvon Martin was triggered more by race than it was by the criminal intent Zimmerman suggests.

The whole situation is very curious. Oliver has been more of a failure in his broadcasting career than not- as is evidenced by his constant rotation amongst broadcasting stations which seemed to replace him as soon as someone better came along. Zimmerman, too, has had a career of failures, perpetually pursuing a career in law enforcement which continued to elude him because of a besmirched record drunkenness and battery.

Somewhere along this continuum of unrealized ambitions, these two men met and even then, there were shades of expediency to their meeting. According to Oliver, he was like a friend and uncle to Zimmerman, albeit knowing him for an intermittent six years via a mother-in –law and employer – Digital Risk-  that may have been moonlighting opportunities for these two men who were failing at their individual passions of broadcasting and law enforcement.

Now, as if by some perverse twist of fate, these two hapless beings have found a way to ride each other’s failures; as if in a last poetic hoorah, to trounce the hand of failure that they have both been dealt.

Oliver’s on –again- off- again job as a media personality gives him the kind of open door to the public that Zimmerman feels he could capitalize on at this moment of his implosion. Who better than a black man, to sell his story of remorse and piety to an angry nation, when he is seen as the racist murderer that he is?

And for Oliver, what better than the most controversial story of the hour, to profile alleged media prowess and try to shine the spotlight on  a career that is on life support? Why not use this as a ‘Custer’s last stand’ to try to get enough fame to become a syndicated broadcaster?

If played correctly, Oliver feels that he could be the healer of black/white racism in America by constantly reminding viewers that he as a black man he could empathize with the fear  Zimmerman feels for black rage. Plus, by virtue of his color, he is in the unique position of knowing black vernacular and knows that coon or goon, whether preceded by the universally derogatory F word, is merely term of endearment amongst black people.

From the hole in which Zimmerman is hiding from the Black Panthers who, in his deluded mind, have placed a paltry ten thousand dollar bounty on his head, Oliver’s front -man stance gives him an opportunity to say some of his best friends are black – as he invokes terms like ‘Black Panthers’ and ‘hunt’ to remain true to his obsession with the hunter and the hunted.

Right now, there seems to be a diabolic ring to this unholy union. These two seem to have come together by the perverse machinations of fate, for as much as George Zimmerman is a racist murderer, Joe Oliver is equally a hay maker whose morals are so abysmally low, that he is willing to step over the dead body of an innocent victim, to reach that unattainable height of syndicated newscaster.

And maybe, if he does get there, he will try to take Zimmerman as his body guard.

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