Six – Year Old Handcuffed, Charged With Assault

The problem with the law here in the United States is not how it was written but how it is interpreted by those who are commissioned to uphold it. Maybe there was some genius to the framing of the Constitution but the subsequent laws that sprout out of it do challenge the efficacy of that presumption.

Trayvon Martin’s death constitutes one such challenge. The whole ‘Stand Your Ground’, hunter-oriented, gun lovers law have made the electorate aware of how easy it is for elected officials to shape laws to promote sociopolitical agendas like that of the NRA, an organization, synonymous with severe Conservatism and very open support for White Supremacy.

That said, let’s look at the latest misinterpration of law.  And though the outcome was not as mortally wounding as Trayvon’s death, it remains the kind of tragedy that parents had better be aware of.

In the southern town on of Milledgeville Georgia, USA, six year old Salecia Johnson was having a bad day at Creekside Elementary School. Her tantrum throwing escalated into chair throwing and ripping her classmates’ art work off of the wall. She was escorted to the principal’s office, which is a procedure that would drive fear into seventeen year old boys. Salecia was unphased. Instead she proceeded to show distaste for being spoken to and allegedly knocked over a shelf which injured the Principal. At this point, supposedly in fear for her life, the Principal summoned the police. A police officer rushed to the scene. After all, this was a serious case. He was summoned to contain an angry black woman, all of six years old. Still unphased, Salecia did not calm down when she was ordered to, by this icon of the law, so he handcuffed her and threw her into the back of his patrol vehicle and carted her off to his jail at the police station. He, subsequently, charged her with assault and destruction of property.

What was said after the arrest of this ‘dagerous’ six year  by the school’s Principal, was that Salecia’s parents could not reached so she had to do what was the next best thing – call in the police. Dray Swicord, the Police Chief in charge of the swashbuckling officer who hand cuffed the six year old angry black woman, said “Our policy is that any detainee unreported to our station in a patrol vehicle is to be handcuffed in the back. There is no age discrimination on that rule.” Incidentally, Salecia has been suspended from school until the next semester which begins in August 2012.

In pondering over why there seems to be more harshness when laws are being applied to certain demographics, I began to look at who applies this harshness and why they would feel so predisposed to systematically discriminate some groups in society. Maybe it is the fact the case of Norweigian, Mr. Breivick – notorious for his massacre for seventy seven people to make a White Supremist statement –  was the in the international spotlight for racial intolerance, that I decided to look at what that nation’s behavior towards people of color was.

I stumbled upon a site called White Civil Rights and read of the suicide of a fourteen year old who had committed suicide after being gang-raped by three Africans. The article, written by a James Buchanan,  then went on to criminalize the liberal and progressive political stances and gave some statistics on Black Americans that seem to be the driver for discrimination against blacks by any white community.

In Buchanan’s supreme intellectual analysis, he offers that America has had a 146 year experience of trying to live with Africans. These Africans impose a gigantic tax burden in spite of their large numbers – mainly because they are a non productive breed. They have enjoyed 40 years of racial quotas, have been given preferential entry to universities and jobs and by these acts of  affirmative action, they have stolen much from Whites. He offers that blacks commit half the rapes in the US, though they make up only 12.6% of the population. And, he suggests that if the liberals and progressives in Norway had only visited the black neighborhoods of Detroit and Los Angeles, they would have realized what a bad idea it was to import such large numbers of Africans to his country.

As much as it gives me unbearable pain to reprint this putrid racist crap, I suspect that is the framework of a manifesto that fires the minds of the George Zimmermans in our society. I suspect that those who discriminate so wantonly in our communities and the law enforcement officials who spend tax payers’ dollars to handcuff and lock up a six year old girl, are a citizens who feel that blacks in America are actually here because of the 46 year ‘experience’ of whites trying to live with Africans. I suspect that they really do not realize that the bulk of Africans in this country is the result of abduction that led to enslavement and that the ‘experience’ was not a case study, designed to benefit the first Africans who arrived in America.

Buchanan’s article may have been the musings of an idiot or the ranting of a racist but it really does not matter. What matters is that we are beginning to see more of this type of thinking amongst those who are expected to protect all Americans.

At least, Ted Nugent, of the GOP –oriented NRA, was bold enough to tell us what he thinks of our President.  But we’re still wondering what many on the Supreme Court think and could only hope that laws that produce victims like Trayvon and little Salecia, are quickly revoked from the hands of those who may feel that it’s time to end the ‘experience’ of trying to live with Africans.

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