About Us

What Is The Local Christian Town Hall?

In magazine years we are relatively young. But that just makes us fresh and non-establishment.

Our stance is that Politics, Culture and Church are the bedrock of our communities. They are so intertwined that, to address one is to address the other. We feel that what happens in Church stays in Politics and Culture; then they interchange.

Our favorite quotation is:

“Even as we acknowledge the giants whose shoulders we stand on, let us remember the midgets who stand tall with us”

Why? Because it personifies who we are.

Our name is no misnomer either. We have a penchant for Town Halls. It’s where the root issues can be addressed with the least bureaucracy. We are unequivocally Christian and feel that this platform gives us an opportunity to share the ‘who so ever will may come’ core of our faith. And when these elements are local, then everybody gets into the mix.

We are grateful for the stalwarts who have opened doors for media. We are even more grateful for how they have made it possible for the non-conglomerate, unaffiliated, independent bodies like us, to join the arena.

We are an unfiltered voice, long on pointedness, short on platitudes and very dedicated to frank, candid discussion.

So, as we grow, we encourage you to join us and ask that you bring some friends along for this uniquely tailored ride.

Our Literary Work

The Local Christian Town Hall is an informal platform from which we candidly discuss the three key elements of our existence – Church Politics and Culture. What happens in Politics, stays in Church and Culture; then they inter-change; irrespective of geography.

To us this is life in motion. Our quest is to capture it and create an informative discourse to highlight how their portability impacts our daily grind.

We are strong proponents of communication. Our tag line, Fellowship By Communication, revives the dialogue on how to utilize the inextricable relationship between Church, Politics and Culture for the betterment of our communities.

Our Team

We are an eclectic group driven by the politics du jour and are equally as animated by cultural and religious factors affecting our communities.

We take pride in bringing an unorthodox sophistication to our readers and are more at liberty to do so since we are privately owned and operated.

We will confess, however, that though we do not claim to be under any specific political umbrella, we do find conservative politics to be counter- productive to the goals of Society.

We also look at a variety of other topics which include arts craft, music and other hot topics that may have bearing on our daily jaunt through life.

Our Editorial Stance

Our tag is Fellowship by Communication. To us, there is never enough variety of either.

Our aim is to offer an unfiltered look at issues that impact the three key elements of our existence, in a manner that would encourage thought and input.

The Local Christian Town Hall is published by The We Care Group, a privately owned and operated publishing company and is circulated via www.thelocalchristiantownhall.org.

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